exerpt: chalk dust [a working title]


i am


in holes

this one is an easy hole

to define


this was a hole left by death


death always leaves a hole

sometimes a big hole gaping and wide unable to be bridged or covered big and broad but eventually made shallow by time by time and distance you can move forward and cross the hole with your head above water


sometimes small holes

small doesn’t mean



a different type of hole

maybe it’s smaller but deeper

you come across it less often but it sucks you in more



sorry this is


for you



i am ali


i am covered in


[end scene]


this is the first scene of the first draft of my experimental one woman piece currently titled chalk dust. the stage directions are removed. there is a lot of action, and non action interwoven. the piece, perhaps surprisingly, is not about death, but about adoption. go figure. i’m sure i’ll write about death one of these days.


an introduction

hello, i’m ali. i am a writer, creator, designer, performance artist. about once every 3 years i try to start a new blog. usually i don’t commit because i have very little to write about. well, this time, i’m just writing. expect a mixture of commentary on life [ my life ], poetry, playwriting, and other short written word experiments.